Saturday, August 1, 2009

Constant Content: Freelance Writing Marketplace

I recently signed up for Constant Content and started selling articles, the earnings are great (better then textbroker) and the website itself has a great interface making it very easy to use.
This is an additional website that can help you earn additional income, sign up to Constant Content now and start making money from your hard work, and believe me, you will make a lot more money on this site than you will compared to other freelance sites. The first article might take a while to sell, but don't worry cause after it sells the next ones will sell quicker.
The more work you put in, the more money you receive.

Constant Content

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Developing a plan...

The big issue with working online is that you are your own boss, you have to have the plan, you have to follow it! If you're becoming a freelance writer than you have a good chance of making a couple hundred every month. Write about topics that really interest you, that way you can write thousands of words and a lot of articles with ease, instead of struggling to write. Make sure you get the job done, it isn't hard, its just a matter of getting the writing done. I can sell articles all day and be rich if I had enough, the more I write the more I'd be able to sell, write a lot and sell a lot, and watch the money pile up.
Never put off a blogging job, there are a couple times that I've accidentally turned down the opportunity to become a long-term blogger for somebody, that could have been guaranteed payment for a couple months.
The minute you start slippin is the minute you lost money. Your losing money every minute, why are you even reading this I already told you what you have to do, what else do you need to know?
You don't need to know anything else, you need to get the job done!

If you have any serious questions feel free to leave a comment!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Are You A Teen For Hire

The other day I stumbled upon this site that you probably already know but I'm going to talk about it anyway, so if you used this site then please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about it.
I figured I would help you guys out, if you are a teen for hire then you might be able to find a full time or part time job in your city. I know this blog is about teens working online, but if you guys have the opportunity to get a good guaranteed paying job offline then you need to go for it! lets teens search for jobs, if you are interested sign up to their website and start looking for jobs!

Stay Motivated, Work on Completing Goals..

In order to properly work online, you need to set high goals and work hard to accomplish them. If you want to make 100 dollars a month, write down a plan..

If you do freelance work and run a blog then think about this:

One or two days a week write ten 250 word articles that sell for about $2.50...
Come up with at least 3 posts a day for your blog (blog with adsense ads)

Even if you make no cash from your blog you can easily make 100 dollars a month from freelance writing.
If you can easily make 100 dollars a month from freelance writing, how much do you think you can make a week if you write 5 articles a day?
Use basic math, plan out what you will be working on and make sure you get the job done.
The reason most people fail online is because they don't have a boss to tell them what to do and when to do it, they do it on their time and that is when people start slacking!!

Teens that use social networking sites...

If you use FaceBook, MySpace, Friendster, Twitter, or any other social networking site, then start promoting your website/blog or products that you are trying to sell. Most online businesses tend to use social networking sites, but if you have a lot of friends and your not just some guy marketing on social networks then you stand a chance in selling more products and more effectively promoting a website or a blog.
DO NOT SPAM! Spamming will get you deleted on most social networking sites.

Twitter has been very effective for most people, in my experiences it hasn't done much for me, but you may want to give it a shot. I must warn you though, don't fall for the fake mass follower programs who ask you to login with your twitter id and password, your account will get deleted or suspended.

Good luck, remember, there are no specific online jobs for teens, or for anyone, working online is about having more then one form of income, and the more you work the more you make!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teen Writers Will Love Triond is a great website that pays you for articles, pictures, and other media. Triond won't pay you upfront, but they will promote your articles on their websites (which recieve a lot of traffic) and they share their revenue with you. It will take a lot of articles before you can start making $100 a month, but it's definitly worth the time, check it out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Already Have A Blog? Here's how to start...

Once you start up a blog, make sure you keep all your posts on a relevant topic! For example, I've made a couple blogs related to hip hop music, such as, you have to keep everything relevant or it will be hard to gain readers and subscribers. If your blog about random topics than think about it.. If I go on your blog and see a post on technology, and I like it, I'll come back, but if I come back and see a post on the Civil War, then you just lost me.

Learn SEO, read up on Digitalpoint Forums and really try to learn something, SEO (search engine optimization) is what will get your blog all the traffic it needs.
Gaining backlinks is a good start for you, but start slow or Google and other search engine will think that your spamming. A backlink is when another site has a link to your website/blog, the more backlinks you have (especially if the other websites are relevant to your blogs topic) the more you will probably show up on searches.
Are you signed up to any forum websites? If you listened to my advice before you would be on Digitalpoint, everybody on the forums can change their signature that shows up at the end of every post, change yours and put a link to your blog in it, and there's your first backlink.
Sign up to any forums you can and start putting the link in your signature, you will gain traffic and look like a more credible site when other websites are linking to you.

Blog commenting, Yahoo Answers, and Digg are also great places for you to gain backlinks!

Work-At-Home Jobs Online : Good for Teens?

For any teenager who want to work online, please understand you should not drop out of school, and you should not avoid getting a job offline.
School can be a great help to your work online, if you have a job online selling articles than you may be able to sell reports that you write in school. I'm sure a lot of things you learn and see in school could inspire you and your work online.

Never, if you ever get the chance, never pass up a steady job offline! Why?
Because that's money you can use to invest into an online website, promotion, etc. You can make more money online if you have money already, the possibilities are endless!

Please, I do not want to encourage the acts of dropping out of school and passing up a job offline.
Working at home and having an online job is great, but don't rely on it 100%.